KitchenKnife.com is dedicated to – big surprise – kitchen knives. Our company is committed to providing kitchen knife information and resources.

KitchenKnife.com will start out as a blog with kitchen knife reviews, resources (i.e. glossary, care tips, etc), and product deals. Eventually we’ll open an ecommerce portion of the store dedicated to selling kitchen knives and other kitchen-related products.

If you have questions or comments please feel free to post a comment or drop us a line. Thanks for visiting. More information will be coming soon!


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    • This started out as a priutce of the knife; a Forschner-Victornix 12″ surgical steel butcher knife my grandfather mail ordered from a meat processihng supply company in Milwaukee back in the 60 s. It’s still sharp as a razor after all these years!

  1. I have a chopping/slicing knife that is like a combinatiob of a duoglide knife and a ulu knife that I really like, but it is too small for my hand. I have been to dozens of stores and websites, but cannot find anything like it. Does anyone have any ideas?
    Thanks in advance,


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