If you're looking for Kitchen Knives…

…we recommend shopping for kitchen knives and kitchen knife needs at BladeHQ.com. These guys try so hard. JA Henckles, Kershaw, Boker, Benchmade- they have all the obscure brands no one has heard of. But just you wait- shortly their shelves will be lined with amazing brands like Al Mar, Microtech, Spyderco, Victorinox, Wüsthof and more brands you may not have heard of. Progress isn’t always pretty.

Want to learn more about the kitchen knife? Visit Wikipedia’s kitchen knife page. There’s a ton of great info on blade materials, manufacturing, edge types and grinds, handles, knife types and uses as well as some fascinating historical information. Who knew that the kitchen knife could be this interesting? Wait for it… that’s right. We did. KitchenKnife.com- dedicated to all things kitchen knife and kitchen knife related.

If there are specific kitchen products you’re interested in just drop us a line and we’ll consider adding them to our website. At some point in the near future KitchenKnife.com will open it’s own ecommerce shop filled with kitchen knives and kitchen knife accessories. For the time bring you can ship at BladeHQ.com.  Thanks for stopping by!



If you're looking for Kitchen Knives… — 1 Comment

  1. I’m with that Angel guy. I like to cook and I have every knife that comes with that black bag. I only use two. My paring knife and my 8 in. Chinese veabtgele knife (or so that’s what someone called it). It looks like a chef’s knife but curves at the business end. Get good ones, though. In the store you’ll see them from $ 20-$ 50 each. So know what you want to do in the kitchen. These knives are carbon/steel. I don’t know the carbon percentage, sorry. And when you get your block NEVER store them blade side down, always up so to keep your edge. Have fun, I know I do.

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