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Welcome to our website, www.kitchenknife.com. We are thrilled to occupy this spot on the web. Why? Well, because we love kitchen knives and all things kitchen knife related!* The kitchen knife is probably one of the first knives that people are exposed to. Growing up you see your parents use a kitchen knife to prepare food and you probably used one yourself while eating dinner. The knife, as people quickly discover, is a very useful tool. Individuals and companies dedicate their time, resources and mental energies to the creation and care of  incredible knives for the kitchen (as well as the outdoors).

Kitchen Knife

In any event, if you’re here it’s because you’re interested in kitchen knives. A kitchen knife is a knife which has the intended primary purpose of food preparation. Often most food preparation can be accomplished with a few simple kitchen knife variations such as the parring knife, large chef’s knife and cleaver.  However, over time dozens of variations have evolved for specific tasks. Kitchen knives can be made from any number of blade and/or handle materials. Kitchen knives can rage in price from a few dollars to many hundreds of dollars each.  From the casual kitchen vigilante to the professional Chef the kitchen knife has carved (sorry) out a home in every corner of life. And with that brief introduction, we welcome you again to www.kitchenknife.com.


*And if you think about it, the number of kitchen knife related items is staggering. There’s knife sharpeners, kitchen blocks and chopping boards. Not to mention cutting gloves, knife bags (you know, when you need to bring your kitchen knives with you), edge protectors and electric sharpeners. And then you have your peelers, your can openers, food processors, and a whole array of related products that you’ll need to buy in connection with a kitchen knife set. And cookbooks. You’ll need a ton of cookbooks.